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Customise our plan to meet your company's health insurance needs in Thailand

  • Fully customisable - We can adjust the coverage of specific benefits, structure your plan's coverage based on employee level, and even offer voluntary benefit upgrade options to your staff so they can improve their coverage if needed.

  • Wellbeing incentives - to help you promote a healthy workforce and environment in your company, we can structure your plan to include wellness benefits and assistance programmes for employees, profit sharing arrangements and more.

  • Convenient billing and claims - you can access to our extensive Asia-wide direct billing network, which includes Thailand's largest private hospital network, where your employees can received outpatient treatment without having to pay or claim afterwards. You can also use our Easy Claim app to submit your claim directly.

  • Easy administration - everything your HR team need to manage your plan throughout the year is easily accessible on our online portal, making administration fast and straightforward.

Help Attract & Retain Top Talent With APRIL International's Comprehensive Company Health Insurance Plan in Thailand
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Having a high quality health insurance plan as part of your employee benefits package is not only an important part of making sure that your staff stays healthy and productive, but also a highly attractive benefit for new hires. Our health insurance plans for corporations in Thailand are specifically designed to provide your company with flexible options so you can offer your employees the best possible benefits while staying within your budget.

Customise Your Corporate Plan

Our plans offer you the freedom to create a plan that meets your company's specific needs. Choose which benefit modules to include, the level of cover you want for each of those benefits, and even structure your plan to offer different levels of coverage to employees at different levels. Our expert advisers are happy to work with your Human Resources team to build a plan that offers the best protection possible while remaining within your budget.

Premium Sustainability

Everything from policy setup to claims administration and emergency assistance is handled internally by APRIL International's Asian division, allowing us maintain the closest possible control over the quality and costs of services. This ensures we can keep your company's health insurance premium rises as low as possible from year to year.

Easy Administration of Your Company Health Insurance Plan

From underwriting and policy inception, our teams work hard to make sure implementing and managing your health plan is as easy as possible for your HR team. As your teams need to manage your plan throughout the year, all necessary documents are available on our online portal.

Asia-wide Direct Billing Network for Outpatient Treatment

When you include outpatient coverage with your company's health insurance plan, your employees will be able to take advantage of our extensive direct billing network in Asia so they don't even have to complete a claims form. Should your employees need to go arrange hospitalisation, we can also arrange direct billing with the hospital through a letter of guarantee.

Contact APRIL International Today to Learn More About Your Company Health Insurance Options

If you are interested in getting comprehensive company health insurance to make sure your employees have easy access to top quality healthcare in Thailand, contact us today and our expert advisers will be happy to assist you in building a plan that meets your company's needs.

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Get Comprehensive Health Coverage For Your Company's Employees
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allows you to get the best cover within your budget
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with 1,000s of participating healthcare providers
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by using our Easy Claim app to submit your claim
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of cancer, kidney dialysis, hospitalisation & surgery costs, and more...
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