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Tailor Your Plan to Meet the Corporate Health Insurance Needs of Your Business in Vietnam

  • We can tailor our corporate health insurance solutions to any size of company, adjusting specific benefits by employee level, arranging regional coverage for businesses with multiple locations throughout Asia, and offering voluntary benefit upgrades for employees to improve their own coverage as they see fit.

  • Rising insurance premiums are a constant concern for corporations; at APRIL International all of our services from claims handling to emergency assistance are all handled in-house which helps us control costs and make sure that your corporate health insurance stays affordable from year to year.

  • Our corporate customers have access to our Asia-wide outpatient direct billing network, so your employees can enjoy a cash-free treatment when visiting participating doctors and clinics. We can also arrange direct billing with hospitals around the world with advanced notice, so your employees won't have to pay large amounts out-of-pocket and claim it back.

  • To help promote a more health-conscious workforce, we can offer a number of incentives including employee assistance and wellness benefits, profit sharing arrangements and performance related renewal premiums.

  • Administration is easy for HR teams, with all necessary documents and data for your company's corporate health plan readily available on our online customer portal.

Corporate Health Insurance Solutions For A Happier, Healthier Workforce
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In order to attract and retain the best and brightest employees in Vietnam, offering coverage under a quality corporate health insurance plan is an important part of any employee benefits package. APRIL International can help you provide your employees attractive healthcare benefits within your budget.

Flexible Corporate Solutions

With APRIL International's corporate health insurance plans, your company has the freedom to adjust your benefits as you see fit. Increase or decrease the level of coverage for specific benefits, set the level of benefits by employee level or work with our experts to create a completely tailor made plan that fits within your company's budget.

For companies with existing international insurance, APRIL International can match your current coverage and make any adjustments to make your corporate health insurance work better for you and your employees. We can work with your HR team to better understand and fulfill your needs, including offering voluntary upgrades to your employees so they can add benefits such as optional maternity or dental/optical cover or improve their overall benefits coverage.

Sustainable Premiums

All services that go into supporting your company's health plan are done in-house at APRIL International. This allows us to maintain control over the quality as well as the cost of services, meaning we have better ability to keep your corporate health insurance premium increases sustainable year-on-year.

A Corporate Health Insurance Plan that's Simple to Administer

From underwriting and policy set-up, to administration throughout the year, our plans make life easy for HR teams, with all necessary documents easily accessible on our online portal and our experts always ready to assist.

Outpatient Direct Billing Network Asia-Wide

Your employees can access our outpatient direct billing network with thousands of participating doctors and clinics across Asia, reducing the stress of filling out paperwork to claim back their medical expenses. We can also arrange for direct billing for pre-planned hospital treatments to save your employees from large out-of-pocket payments.

Individual Plan Portability

One of the many options our corporate health insurance plans offers is the ability for your employees to continue their health insurance coverage on a personal basis when departing the company, allowing them to keep coverage of existing conditions without the need for any additional underwriting.

Contact APRIL International Today To Discover Your Corporate Health Insurance Options

Our international insurance experts are always ready to work with you to build a plan that provides comprehensive corporate health insurance solutions within your budget, so contact us today to discover your options.

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Comprehensive Corporate Health Insurance Coverage For Your Employees
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allow plans tailored to meet your budget & medical needs
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with 1,000s of participating doctors & clinics
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of cancer, kidney dialysis, emergency room treatment and more
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