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YourHEALTH Benefits: corporate health insurance solutions that cater to your coverage and budgetary requirements

  • YourHEALTH Benefits offers a fully tailorable benefits menu whatever the size of your company. Benefits can be structured by employee level, not just manager and director level, and we can also provide regional coverage solutions for companies with operations in multiple countries.

  • Our corporate health insurance clients have access to our Asia-wide outpatient direct billing network, making visits to the doctors visits that much easier for employees now that they are cash-free. We can also arrange direct billing of hospital charges around the world.

  • Prevention goes a long way towards a healthier workforce and lower premiums, and we can work with your company to build incentives such as employee wellness and assistance programmes, profit sharing arrangements and performance based premiums at renewal.

  • With all necessary documents and data available on our customer portal, administering your company's corporate health insurance plan is simple and straightforward for your human resources team.

  • All services, from claims handling to assistance and evacuations, are all handled in-house, giving APRIL International unparalleled control over costs. This allows us to help maintain sustainable premiums in the face of rising medical inflation.

Customise Your Corporate Health Insurance Solution to Help Attract & Retain Staff
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Offering high quality health insurance benefits are an important part of remuneration packages that large businesses and multinational corporations use to hire and retain their talented workforce. APRIL International can help your company make sure you're getting the best possible coverage for your budget by tailoring our YourHEALTH Benefits plans to meet your needs.

Flexible Coverage

YourHEALTH Benefits allows you to build your corporate health insurance coverage so that you're offering the best benefits within your budget. We can adjust the coverage on specific benefits that may best serve your employees and adjust coverage levels based on employee levels.

For companies that already have international health coverage but are looking for a better fit, we can match and fine tune the benefits of your existing plan to better fall in line with your healthcare needs and budget. For businesses looking to provide their employees with corporate health insurance that offers international coverage, our experts can work with you to better understand the needs of your staff and build a plan that provides the protection you need.

You can also structure your YourHEALTH Benefits plan to have voluntary upgrade packages; allowing you to reduce your overall premium by offering additional benefits such as dental, maternity or enhanced coverage as optional upgrades individual employees can select.

Sustainable Corporate Health Insurance Premiums

Medical inflation has a large impact on health insurance premium rises year-to-year. One thing that allows APRIL International to help keep your corporate health insurance premiums sustainable is the fact that all of our services are carried out in-house. From claims and customer support, to emergency assistance and evacuations, all of these are handled within APRIL International, allowing us to control costs as much as possible.

Simple Plan Administration

Your HR team can rest easy as everything from underwriting and policy setup to administration is simple and straightforward, with all necessary documents and information are easily accessible on our online portal.

Asia-Wide Direct Billing Network Access

YourHEALTH Benefits comes with access to our Asia-wide direct outpatient billing network. With hundreds of doctors and clinics participating in Singapore and around Asia, trips to the doctor are as stress-free as possible because you don't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket and claiming back money later. 

Individual Portability

Another option YourHEALTH Benefits plans offer is for employees leaving the company to continue their corporate health insurance coverage on a personal basis with no additional underwriting.

Discover How YourHEALTH Benefits Can Meet Your Corporate Health Insurance Needs

Contact us today to discuss with one of our expert advisers how we can help you build a comprehensive corporate health plan that meets your needs, within your budget.

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Corporate Health Insurance That Offers a Comprehensive Range of Benefits
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