How MyHEALTH Business makes group health insurance easier:

  • MyHEALTH Business is available for companies as small as 1 person, and has Medical Health Disregarded (MHD) available from only 10 people, including the spouses of group members, making it perfect for small businesses and societies.

  • As with all of APRIL International’s Asian health insurance products, MyHEALTH Business in Singapore offers groups access to our extensive outpatient direct billing network. Simply give your card to any of the doctors in our network and they’ll handle the rest.

  • MyHEALTH Business is designed to be as flexible as the SMEs that need it. You can select from multiple levels of inpatient, outpatient, maternity and dental & optical modules, or even use it as a top up for your primary existing cover.

  • Submitting claims has never been so easy. Your employees and spouses can submit and check the progress of their claims through APRIL International’s Easy Claim app, available on iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • MyHEALTH Business is perfect if your company requires frequent business travel or has expat staff, with 24/7 evacuation, assistance and repatriation benefits, as well as worldwide or worldwide excluding the USA coverage options. Your employees are even able to take their MyHEALTH business policy with them when they depart.

  • As a locally admitted policy in Singapore that is insured by Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd, MyHEALTH Business is a financially stable group health insurance plan. Being fully compliant, it can meet all employee benefit requirements your company has to your staff.

What kind of employee benefits does MyHEALTH Business offer small businesses in Singapore?
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Whether you’re building your own business from the ground up or an established enterprise with a few hundred employees, MyHEALTH Business offers you the flexibility you need in providing your employees group health insurance coverage.

Plan selection is easy, allowing you to choose from our modular benefits menu. You can add outpatient, maternity and dental/optical benefits to your main hospital & surgery cover, and choose what level of cover you want for each benefit. MyHEALTH Business allows you to offer different levels of coverage to different levels of employees, not just for management.

You can decide whether you need a MyHEALTH Business plan as top-up cover for your company, or your primary business health insurance plan, and even choose your area of cover between worldwide and worldwide excluding the USA.

Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
MyHEALTH Business is underwritten by Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd and arranged and administered by APRIL Singapore Pte Ltd

All prices listed are in Singaporean dollars (SGD).

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Hospital and surgery
  • Annual limit per person per period of insurance

    • MHD from 10 people, including spouses
    • Full medical underwriting or moratorium underwriting options
    • Decide benefits per employee category, per employee or per person

    4 levels of deductibles: None, $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000





Outpatient - optional benefit



Up to the overall limit per period of insurance

Up to the overall limit per period of insurance

Dental and optical - optional benefit


Maternity - optional benefit


$7,000 per pregnancy

$13,500 per pregnancy

$20,000 per pregnancy

24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services
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Discover what APRIL International’s group health insurance plan for SMEs can offer your business in Singapore
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Minimum group size of 1 person
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for groups as small as 10 adults including spouses
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with 24/7 evacuation, repatriation and assistance services
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with the Easy Claim app
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within our Asian direct billing network

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