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Local presence and expertise for your employees

  • We have an extensive international operational presence (6 claim centers and 8 international platforms worldwide accessible 24/7) and a wide network of medical providers.  

  • To make it easier for you and your employees to manage health plans during assignments abroad, we are continually developing new innovative online services.

  • With extensive knowledge and working relationships with leading healthcare facilities around the world, our teams will be able to assist your employees both for planned care and in emergencies on a 24/7 basis

  • From selecting and setting up your company's health insurance plan, to administering it and supporting your staff’s healthcare needs, our growing network of international offices means that it’s easy to be in contact when you need us. 

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All the advice and information you need to care for your employees

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APRIL International helps support your business with our range of built-in services
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Healthcare is growing increasingly more complex, doubly so when it's on an international level, which is exactly why our services are dedicated to making sure your employees are well taken care of through every step of the way.


APRIL International understands that the important part of providing top quality health insurance coverage for your employees is that it is easy for them to use, which is why our group health insurance plans can offer your company a range of services to help make sure you and your employees have the support you need when it comes to accessing healthcare and managing your plan.


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