Want to make sure your employees will always be able to access quality care, wherever they are? We understand your concern!

APRIL International Care has an extensive international operational presence (6 claim centers and 8 international platforms worldwide accessible 24/7) and a wide network of medical providers.  

Our network selection process, managed by a board composed of doctors and network specialists, ensures that only reputable hospitals or high medical standards are approved to host and treat our insured members through a strict credentialing process.


Our healthcare networks throughout Asia

Direct Billing Networks

With three networks available in Asia, your staff can take advantage of cashless outpatient visits to doctors and clinics throughout the region. Our network teams work hard to ensure our members have access to the major hospitals in the region and with our large amount of experience in the area we can ensure that costs are reasonable and customary. Our teams are always trying to expand our networks throughout the region to make sure that you and your employees have access to the best care possible, wherever you are.

General network 

Our general network includes almost 4,000 medical providers across Asia, covering all specialities. Your staff can access our network in most Asian countries, including: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. 

Panel networks

Eligible plans in Asia also have access to our panel networks in Hong Kong and Singapore at highly competitive rates. Our Asian panel networks include 1,800+ medical providers, including general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapy centres, diagnostic imaging and laboratories. 

Our extensive care network in the USA

Thanks to our partnership with Global Excel, your employees benefit from:

Access to one of the largest care networks in the USA

Almost 690,000 doctors and more than 5,500 hospitals with no cash advance required! We’ll directly settle the bill for your employees.

A direct billing pharmacy card

No cash advance required for pharmacy items in more than 68,000 pharmacies in the United States.

Direct payment of hospital charges

If your employees are hospitalised in an emergency, our teams will contact the hospital directly to issue an agreement to pay. Our priority is to make their admission as easy as possible! Your staff can also request direct payement for sheduled hospitalisations.