Want to make sure things are easy and simple for you and your employees? We focus our efforts on providing digital services.

To make it easier for you and your employees to manage health plans during assignments abroad, we are continually developing new innovative online services.

For insured members

Easy Claim app

Wherever they are in the world, your employees can send their medical claims and access their insurance services in just a few clicks. Through the Easy Claim app, your staff can:

  • submit their healthcare claims up to a certain level depending on your policy,
  • view and download your Insurance Card,
  • request a guarantee of payment before a scheduled hospitalisation,
  • find a healthcare professional, recommended by APRIL or part of our medical networks,
  • find their dedicated points of contact to reach us easily.visueleasyclaim.jpg


Your employees can now access 2 free additional services through the Easy Claim app:

  • request a call back from a physician,
  • request a second medical opinion.

Customer access

From their PC, tablet or smartphone, your employees can:

  • download all the documents they need (insurance certificates and cards, general conditions...),
  • view all their reimbursements,
  • update their personal details.

For employers and human resources

HR portal 


Manage your plan through your HR portal! Log in to:

  • access a list of you employees and dependents,
  • download all the documents you need to manage your plan,
  • pay your premiums in just a few clicks.