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Why should you provide cover for your employees abroad?

  • Because as an employer, I'm legally responsible if anything happens to one of my employees on assignment.

  • Because we regularly send engineers on business trips to the USA. When one of them had an appendicitis attack, the hospitalization costs were as high as €20,000!

  • Because my business partner must enclose an insurance certificate in his Russian business visa application.

  • Because every year I send 5 researchers on a business trip. Being able to quickly provide them with adequate cover is what matters to me.

  • Because in the event of a natural disaster in Mexico, I want to be sure that my on site staff can easily return.

  • Because one of my employees on assigment recently had a serious road accident in Spain. Fortunately, he's never gone on a business trip without adequate insurance!

Business travel Insurance for your employees
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Protect your employees during their assignments abroad by selecting a comprehensive benefits package with several options to choose from!

Tempo and Initial options: adequate for SMEs who temporarily send employees abroad

Business option from 5 employees


3, 6, 9 or 12 months subscription


Annual subscription with automatic renewal


Annual subscription with automatic renewal

Repatriation assistance
  • Our teams are available 24/7 for your employees

Medical expenses
  • Hospitalization & consultations caused by an accident: actual costs

    Reimbursements in addition to the benefits provided by the mandatory scheme

Up to €250,000 

Up to €250,000 


Death and disability
  • Payment of a lump sum to the beneficiary(ies) in the event of death or disability caused by an accident

Baggage cover
  • Cover in the event of loss, theft or destruction of baggage and personal or professional effects

Legal protection
  • Legal assistance in case of litigation

Personal liability - private capacity
  • Cover in the event of material or immaterial damage caused to a third party

Trip cancellation or amendments
Travel incidents
Security assistance
Recovery and return of the insured's vehicle
Psychological support
  • Access to a clinical psychologist

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Titre garanties en option

Optionnal benefits

Garanties optionnelles
Type ou nom de garantie
Coverage of beneficiaries

Global (spouse) and Business (spouse and children) options only

Type ou nom de garantie
Coverage in countries at risk

Business options only

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Comprehensive benefits package
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to suit the needs of your employees on assignment abroad
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Suitable cover
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for very small and medium-sized enterprises
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Multilingual experts
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of international insurance available to assist you
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Cover of all types of assignments
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up to 180 consecutive days
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No cash advance
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for hospitalisation
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Insurance card
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For each employee

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