YourHEALTH Benefits offers corporate health insurance solutions tailored to your company’s budgetary and coverage needs

  • Our Asia-wide direct outpatient billing network means your employees can take advantage of cashless access to our regional network of providers as all medical expenses are settled directly with them. We can also arrange direct payment of hospital charges around the world.

  • From claims to evacuations, all services are done in-house meaning we have as much control as possible over costs, allowing us to do everything possible to fight medical inflation and keep premiums sustainable year-on-year.

  • We can tailor your health insurance solution regardless of the size of your corporation, with options to tailor benefits to each level of employee, not just for directors and upper management. We can also provide a variety of ways to offer regional coverage for companies with offices in multiple countries.

  • YourHEALTH Benefits makes administrating your corporate health insurance plan simple for HR teams. All documents and data are accessible on our online portal making claims monitoring easy.

  • We can arrange a variety of incentive-based efforts to help promote a healthy workforce, including profit sharing arrangements, performance related renewal premiums, wellness and employee assistance programmes.

Help Attract and Retain Top Talent with Bespoke Corporate Health Insurance Solutions
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For large companies and multinational corporations, including medical coverage as part of an employee’s benefit package plays an important role in hiring and staff retention. However it can be tough to balance what health insurance benefits you're providing staff with the impact on budget and that's where APRIL can assist you.


The flexibility of our YourHEALTH Benefits plans allow you to customise your corporate health insurance plan from different employee levels down to adjusting coverage levels on specific benefits. This allows you to build a plan that offers your employees the best benefits within your budget.

For companies looking to switch their international corporate health insurance we can match and tweak benefits to better fit your company's needs, as well as walking companies new to international insurance through creating a plan that best suits them.

We can also structure the plan so that you can offer voluntary upgrades to your employees if they feel they need additional coverage, such as for dental cover, benefit upgrades and opt-in maternity coverage.

Sustainable Premiums

We handle all services in-house, from claims and assistance to case management and evacuations, which allows us to tightly control costs and keep your premiums down. This helps us combat the effects of medical inflation from pushing up your company's premium year-to-year.

Simple Administration of Your Corporate Health Insurance Plan

We strive to make YourHEALTH Benefits plans as easy to manage as possible. The underwriting and policy set-up process is simple and straightforward, and our online portal makes it easy for HR teams to manage employees on the plan.

Regional Healthcare Network Access

All YourHEALTH Benefits plan members have access to APRIL's Asia-wide outpatient direct billing network which means your employees can show their corporate health insurance card or e-card at any of our partnered healthcare providers and they will bill us directly, making outpatient services quick and convenient. We can also arrange direct settlement with hospitals around the world.


As another one of the many optional benefits, companies can enable their employees to continue their health insurance cover on a personal basis when leaving the company without any additional underwriting.

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Our experts are always ready to work with you to find the best coverage for your company, so contact us today to discover the comprehensive coverage YourHEALTH Benefits can offer.

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Corporate Health Insurance Solutions That Work For Your Company
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